‘Age of Cryptocurrency’ is the serious introduction to Bitcoin we’ve been waiting for

A sober yet exciting account of cryptocurrency, told by two very smart and objective reporters.

One of the things we do on an almost daily basis at Coin Center is explain Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and what they mean for society and the economy. We usually do this by briefing elected officials and their staff, regulators and agency staff, other non-profits and foundations, and even executives at banks and others in the private sector. These briefings are often hour-long introductions that open a lot of eyes and set the gears in people’s heads turning.

Inevitably folks follow up with deeper questions, and to help answer those questions, Coin Center is developing a body of plain-language backgrounders and thoughtful policy papers. These are designed to provide quick yet considered answers to the most common factual questions and most pressing policy issues.

When we’ve done our job well, we get a request for even more information. We’ll often be asked for the best place to start a deep dive into Bitcoin. Where can one get all of the context that today only a few of us who’ve been assiduously following the space for years take for granted? Until now, this knowledge was spread around the web in articles, forum postings, tweets, and even mailing lists. Well, now I know exactly where to point an interested intelligent lay person to start their deep dive into Bitcoin.

The Age of Cryptocurrency, the new book by Michael Casey and Paul Vigna of the the Wall Street Journal, is the definitive starting point these folks who know that their industry, agency, or sector will be affected by Bitcoin and want to get up to speed. The book is engaging yet hype-free and does a beautiful job of not only explaining the technology, but putting it in context as money, as a global phenomenon, and as technological breakthrough with wide-reaching implications. It also covers some of Bitcoin’s flamboyant history and its ups and down without losing sight of the bigger story to be told.

This sober yet exciting account of cryptocurrency, told by two very smart and objective reporters, is exactly the way to introduce yourself, or a sophisticated newbie you know, to the technology’s revolutionary potential. I recommend you check it out.