Coin Center has been named to this year’s POLITICO 50 list of top DC influencers.

Our executive director Jerry Brito, along with advisory board members Marc Andreessen and Fred Wilson all made the list as the “money men of the future.”

The POLITICO 50 list highlights those people and groups in the policy sphere who have the most influence in the most important areas. Coin Center’s inclusion in this year’s list signals a recognition of the growing attention to Bitcoin and other open blockchains in the halls of power, as well as Coin Center’s influence over policy. And as policymakers increasingly seek to learn about this technology, we will be there to ensure that it is fairly represented and that any policies being considered are sound.

Of course, our work is only just getting started. Politico lays it out nicely:

Coin Center has its work cut out. Consumer protection advocates worry the blockchain will let companies exploit consumers, while some in the tech industry simply don’t think Americans are going to trust blockchain finance. Still, the number of Bitcoin transactions has approximately tripled over the past two years, and even mainstream financial firms are dipping into some blockchain investments. If Andreessen, Brito, Wilson and their ilk can keep the government at bay, the money revolution might yet be at hand.

You can see the full list here. And if you want to support our fight for sane Bitcoin policy, consider donating toward our mission.