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Congress takes a step toward a de minimis exemption for everyday cryptocurrency transactions

Grayscale is matching donations to Coin Center up to $1 million

Congress takes a step toward a de minimis exemption for everyday cryptocurrency transactions

Get your tickets for the 2020 Coin Center Annual Dinner

Eight members of Congress have asked the IRS to fix its broken guidance on forks and airdrops.

The Human Rights Foundation has published a guide to stablecoins for people living in at-risk economies.

Save the Date: The 2020 Coin Center Annual Dinner will be on May 11, 2020.

The Human Rights Foundation has published a guide for activists and journalists to use Bitcoin privately.

Non-custodial cryptocurrency mixer developers are not subject to U.S. regulation.

Photos from the 2019 Coin Center Annual Dinner now available.

Evaluating estimates of Bitcoin electricity use

Congressional report on cryptocurrency cites multiple Coin Center resources.

We held a briefing in Congress on open cryptocurrency tax questions.

Howey test found to be determined under admiralty law and therefore invalid

The Human Rights Foundation wants to help activists and journalists use Bitcoin to stay private.

SEC and CFTC Commissioners to headline Coin Center Annual Dinner.

Coin Center files comment in CFTC proceeding on Ethereum

We demonstrated the Bitcoin Lightning Network in Congress.

New York is creating a cryptocurrency task force. We encourage them to reevaluate the BitLicense as part of their work.

The next Coin Center Annual Dinner will be on May 13, 2019

Two new digital asset associations launch to advance cryptocurrency professionalization.

The Blockchain Alliance reaches 100 law enforcement, regulator, and cryptocurrency industry members.

We briefed Congress on tracking illicit cryptocurrency use and moderated a convening on ICO regulatory uncertainty.

Several members of Congress have sent a letter to the IRS calling for cryptocurrency tax clarity.

Experts weigh in the the state of cryptocurrency regulation.

Coin Center raises $1.2 million spurred by Kraken matching pledge.

Photos from the 2018 Coin Center Annual Dinner now available

Kraken is matching donations to Coin Center up to $1 million

SEC Chairman Clayton: Bitcoin is not a security.

Coin Center Travel Series: How cryptocurrency is being used around the world

Congress is positive on cryptocurrency in new major economic report extensively citing Coin Center work.

Coin Center’s Peter Van Valkenburgh to testify in upcoming Congressional hearing on cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

These members of Congress are applauding the CFTC and SEC’s light touch approach to cryptocurrencies.

Want to understand cryptocurrency policy? Try these podcasts.

Early bird tickets are now available for the Coin Center Annual Dinner.

The ULC’s Model Virtual Currency regulation has been introduced in Hawaii & Nebraska.

A new study finds less than 1% of Bitcoin transactions to exchanges are illicit.

We talked with the CFTC, Politico, and NPR about why cryptocurrency matters.

Making sense of Lightning network nodes and money transmission licensing

Coin Center in the news: Bitcoin futures, Retail investors, CryptoKitties, and more.

We briefed the Senate Republican High-Tech Task Force.

Coin Center gave a regulatory update at Ethereum Devcon3.

Two podcasts that will help you understand the token boom.

The CFTC published a new report on cryptocurrencies today

We taught Congress about ICOs.

In Congressional Testimony, SEC Chairman says compliant ICOs are possible.

Use cryptocurrency to help victims of Mexico earthquake.

What are the tax implications of Bitcoin’s big fork?

Steptoe is putting on a Bitcoin tax event in DC.

Save the Date: The 2018 Coin Center Annual Dinner with be on May 14, 2018.

We demonstrated how Bitcoin works in Congress.

Pictures from the 2017 Coin Center Annual Dinner are now available.

Video: How does multisig make bitcoin more secure?

Coin Center briefed four major DC organizations on open blockchains this week.

How will regulators look at your token sale?

We helped NPR buy some bitcoin.

Bitcoin will grow organically, but there are a few things government can do to clear its path.

We testified in Congress and advocated for your right to innovate with open blockchains

Illinois state-chartered banks learned how they can support Bitcoin businesses.

Coin Center to testify at two separate Congressional hearings on Bitcoin this Thursday.

Come meet Coin Center in Chicago on June 5th.

More mainstream use will help regulators understand Bitcoin’s benefits.

Six principles governments around the world should heed when considering blockchain regulation

Why ransomware criminals use Bitcoin and why that could be their undoing.

Get your tickets for the Coin Center Annual Dinner.

Wary banks may be choking off the blockchain industry.

The Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF has been rejected by the SEC.

We explained open blockchains at the FTC’s FinTech forum today.

Hawaii’s issue with Bitcoin businesses has an obvious and easy solution.

What does the future of cryptocurrencies and open blockchains look like?

We taught Congress about Bitcoin vs Blockchain.

Blockchain’s night out: the Coin Center Annual Dinner is back!

Congressional Blockchain Caucus kicks off

The price of bitcoin still doesn’t matter right now.

“Dear Mr. Trump: To ‘Cyber’ Better, Try the Blockchain.”

This academic study of digital currency businesses needs your help.

The IRS’s indiscriminate request for Coinbase data sets a dangerous precedent.

What are the hurdles facing a blockchain enabled future?

Video: Could your decentralized token project run afoul of securities laws?

How does Coin Center advocate for sound Bitcoin policy?

Coin Center gear is now available on OpenBazaar.

What are the regulatory issues facing cryptocurrency developers?

On Wednesday, 9/28, Coin Center will be in San Francisco to answer all your Bitcoin policy questions.

Coin Center has been named to this year’s POLITICO 50 list of top DC influencers.

The blockchain powered future is amazing and maybe even a little scary.

Bitcoin is a legitimate technology that’s being exploited by extortionists for ransomware.

We got a deeper look at how law enforcement uses Bitcoin forensics.

Open blockchains could be a democratizing force for social good.

The DC scene got a little dose of blockchain today.

The world’s regulators are racing to develop blockchain policy.

Is your crypto-crowdsale a security?

Cryptocurrency: The Policy Challenges of a Decentralized Revolution.

Our Congressional testimony on the blockchain’s disruptive potential

Coin Center and Google host “Digital Gold” Book event in Washington, DC

Your Toolkit for Bitcoin Education

New Backgrounder: Why are there so many Bitcoin Scams?

New Backgrounder: What are Micropayments and How does Bitcoin Enable Them?

New backgrounder: How can law enforcement leverage the blockchain in investigations?

Coin Center releases new shirt for supporters

Pocket Satoshi White Paper now available for more Coin Center donors

Coin Center releases March 2015 Bitcoin Public Sentiment Survey Data

Coin Center to testify before NJ State Assembly

Bitcoin at State of the Net 2015

Will 2015 Bring New Regulations for Bitcoin Users?