Your Toolkit for Bitcoin Education

Backgrounders to address common questions about blockchain technology.

Despite growing awareness of Bitcoin and its blockchain, misinformation about the technology persists. Certain incorrect ideas, such as “Bitcoin is anonymous” or “Bitcoin is unregulated” crop up frequently. In part to address these myths, Coin Center produces an ongoing series of backgrounders—plain language guides for digital currency concepts.

Our backgrounders have proven to be an invaluable resource for the policymakers and journalists who we work with on a daily basis. The series covers a wide breadth of topics, from the basics of money transmission licensing to the intricacies of micropayment channels. A few are particularly important as they offer tight responses to frequently asked questions (or unfounded concerns) about Bitcoin:

Debates over the future of Bitcoin will continue to rage for the foreseeable future. Digital currency advocates and novices can reference these backgrounders to help ensure that, at the very least, the discussion will be grounded in a sound understanding of the technology.