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This academic study of digital currency businesses needs your help.

The University of Cambridge Judge Business School’s Centre for Alternative Finance is launching the first Global Blockchain Benchmarking Study. We’ve partnered with the centre to help create what will be a global empirical understanding of how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are being used today. 

But of course a study needs data! And that’s where you come in. If your company is building products in the areas of token exchange, wallet security, mining, wallets, and payments/money transfer then we would appreciate it if you took the time to fill out a brief survey

The results of this study will be published by the CCAF in early 2017. All survey participants have the option to be prominently acknowledged in the benchmarking report with their logo displayed. Please note that all identifying information from organizations that complete the benchmarking surveys will be removed from the research team’s analysis, and findings will only be presented in an aggregated form (e.g., by country).