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Coin Center has filed a court challenge against the Treasury Dept. over unconstitutional financial surveillance

Today Coin Center filed suit in federal district court against the Treasury Department in a facial constitutional challenge to the amendment of Section 6050I of the Tax Code that was...

A new SEC proposal has a serious change hidden within its complex language.

Today Coin Center filed a comment letter with the Securities and Exchange Commission on its proposed rulemaking regarding the definition of ‘exchange’ and Alternative Trading Systems. Bottom line: The Commission's...

Comments to the Securities Exchange Commission on Amendments Regarding the Definition of ‘Exchange’ and Alternative Trading Systems

A direct download of this comment is available here.  

New crypto sanctions bill targets publishing code, facilitating transactions

Senator Warren and a raft of Democratic co-sponsors today introduced a bill [PDF] titled the Digital Asset Sanctions Compliance Enhancement Act, which would place sweeping restrictions on the cryptocurrency ecosystem...

Coin Center amicus brief in Jarrett v U.S.

A direct download of this brief is available here. 

Comments to the Thirty-First Legislature (2022) of the State of Hawaii on S.B. No. 3076 relating to special purpose digital currency licensure and S.B. 3025 relating to digital currency licensing program

A direct download of this comment is available here. 

Congress takes a step toward a de minimis exemption for everyday cryptocurrency transactions

The Virtual Currency Tax Fairness Act of 2022 was introduced with bipartisan sponsors in Congress today. It would create a sensible de minimis exemption for low value cryptocurrency transactions in...

IRS signals retreat in court battle that could reshape block reward taxation

Last year, Joshua Jarrett sued the IRS for a refund. In 2019 he earned block rewards on proof-of-stake networks, paid taxes as if those rewards were income (as per the...

New bill would hand Treasury blank check to ban crypto at exchanges

Another must-pass bill, another rushed policy that severely damages the privacy and constitutional rights of cryptocurrency users. We’ve just seen language in the America COMPETES Act of 2022 (see page...

How policymakers should think about “staking”

A misconception we sometimes see from policymakers looking at cryptocurrency networks is that “staking” and “staking rewards” are some kind of security or interest-bearing lending activity that should be subject...

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