What does Coin Center actually do day-to-day, anyway?

That’s a question we’re frequently asked, and the reason we’re asked this so often is because we rarely talk about what we actually do day-to-day. We don’t talk about it because a lot of it is meeting with policymakers to explain how cryptocurrencies work and to discuss how the law should treat them (i.e. generally leave them alone), and it’s not really polite to hold a private meeting and then send out a press release about it.

The problem, though, is that this approach isn’t very transparent, and folks end up having no idea what it is we do. So, we’ve thought about it and realized there’s quite a bit we can share either because it’s public or because we can generally say what we did. So we’re going to give you an update from time to time on what we’ve been up to. Here are some highlights of what we did this week:

  • We attended attended Consumer Research’s Bretton Woods conference, at which Peter moderated a panel with representatives from the FTC and NIST.
  • We gave a two-hour briefing to the World Bank’s digital currency working group, focusing on how permissionless blockchains work and reach consensus.
  • We gave a briefing to program officers and staff at the Center for International Private Enterprise.
  • We had catch-up meetings with several staff on the Hill.

So now you know what we do. 😉