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U.C. Berkeley’s Decentralized Finance MOOC

Peter Van Valkenburgh gave a lecture on privacy and surveillance law for U.C. Berkeley’s Decentralized Finance MOOC with a focus on the constitutionality of 6050I reporting and the OFAC sanctions against Tornado...

Politico: Writing the Rules of Crypto

Learn more about this event here.

Briefing on OFAC Tornado Cash SDN listing at Zcon3

Peter Van Valkenburgh gave an impromptu briefing on the Tornado Cash sanction

Presentations from the Cryptocurrency and Hayek conference

Nic Carter: What is cryptocurrency for Hayekians?  Nevin Freeman: Private Money Balaji Srinivasan: The Pseudonymous Economy Erik Voorhees: Decentralization & Use of Knowledge in Society Peter Van Valkenburgh: Fatal...

The Case for Electronic Cash in an Open and Free Society

Jerry Brito lays out why society must embrace the privacy cryptocurrencies offer and what we could give up in a world without them.  Learn more about this conversation.

Cross-global panel on Government and Privacy

Our experts shared stages from simultaneous cryptocurrency conferences on different sides of the world. They came together for a conversation about our message to policymakers on privacy.

Lightning and the Law

CFTC’s Technical Advisory Committee meeting

Peter Van Valkenburgh describes various open consensus mechanisms such as proof-of-stake and proof-of-work and takes questions from the committee  More information.

Preserving the Freedom to Innovate with Public Blockchains

Rep. Davidson Hosts a Roundtable on Cryptocurrencies

Members of Congress and over 50 representatives from the crypto industry convened at the Library of Congress for a roundtable entitled “Legislating Certainty for Cryptocurrencies.” The event was organized by...

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