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Presentations from the Cryptocurrency and Hayek conference

Nic Carter: What is cryptocurrency for Hayekians?  Nevin Freeman: Private Money Balaji Srinivasan: The Pseudonymous Economy Erik Voorhees: Decentralization & Use of Knowledge in Society Peter Van Valkenburgh: Fatal...

The Case for Electronic Cash in an Open and Free Society

Jerry Brito lays out why society must embrace the privacy cryptocurrencies offer and what we could give up in a world without them.  Learn more about this conversation.

Cross-global panel on Government and Privacy

Our experts shared stages from simultaneous cryptocurrency conferences on different sides of the world. They came together for a conversation about our message to policymakers on privacy.

Lightning and the Law

CFTC’s Technical Advisory Committee meeting

Peter Van Valkenburgh describes various open consensus mechanisms such as proof-of-stake and proof-of-work and takes questions from the committee  More information.

Preserving the Freedom to Innovate with Public Blockchains

Rep. Davidson Hosts a Roundtable on Cryptocurrencies

Members of Congress and over 50 representatives from the crypto industry convened at the Library of Congress for a roundtable entitled “Legislating Certainty for Cryptocurrencies.” The event was organized by...

FTC Workshop: Decrypting Cryptocurrency Scams

More information is available here.

Bloomberg: Regulating Cryptocurrencies

CGTN The Heat: The phenomenon of Bitcoin

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