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Comments to the Thirty-First Legislature (2022) of the State of Hawaii on S.B. No. 3076 relating to special purpose digital currency licensure and S.B. 3025 relating to digital currency licensing program

A direct download of this comment is available here. 

Proposals for Clarifying Laws Around Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technologies in Response to Requests for Feedback from Senator Pat Toomey

A direct download of this comment is available here.  

Senate Banking Committee – Cryptocurrencies: What are they good for?

Coin Center testified before the Senate Banking Committee in a hearing entitled "Cryptocurrencies: What are they good for?" Jerry Brito's written testimony is available here.  For more information and...

House Financial Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations

Coin Center's Peter Van Valkenburgh testified before the subcommittee. His written testimony is available here.  Additional questions for the record, published after the hearing, are available here.  More...

The Unintended(?) Consequences of the STABLE Act

The recently introduced STABLE Act aims to ban any stablecoin that is not issued by a federal bank. Yes, any stablecoin irrespective of whether it is issued by a state-regulated...

Two new bills in Congress would clarify agency jurisdiction over cryptocurrency

Three longstanding policy issues facing cryptocurrency technology are being addressed by two new bi-partisian bills introduced in the House today: (1) the patchwork of state-by-state licensing of exchanges, (2) the...

The ideal regulatory environment for Bitcoin

We’re often asked what our ideal regulatory environment would be for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies like it. A few years ago, in a regulatory submission to the Indian Ministry of Finance,...

Comments to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency on National Bank and Federal Savings Association Digital Activities

A direct download of this comment is available here.  

What’s in the Bitlicense’s 5-year update?

On the Bitlicense’s 5th anniversary, NYDFS has announced plans to streamline the licensing application process, the new coin listing process, and it has updated a Frequently Asked Questions page. These...

How the OCC can clear a path for financial technology entrepreneurs

At last week’s Consensus: Distributed virtual conference Brian Brooks, chief operating officer of the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), said the agency should consider a federal licensing scheme...

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