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Some perspective on Bitstamp

Bitstamp, the prominent Bitcoin exchange, has been hacked. This is bad news for the Bitcoin ecosystem, but let’s be sure to keep it in perspective.

This post has been updated below. Bitstamp, the prominent Bitcoin exchange, has been hacked. This is bad news for the Bitcoin ecosystem, but let’s be sure to keep it in...

Coin Center takes off: Who we are and what we do

Today, as we launch our website, I’d like to tell you a bit more about us, what we’ve been up to, and where we plan to go.

Three months ago we announced Coin Center, and in that time we have been incredibly busy building the new organization. Today, as we launch our website, I'd like to tell...

Talks @ Goldman Sachs: The Evolution of Bitcoin

Executive Director Jerry Brito was joined on stage by Balaji Srininvasan, CEO of 21 Inc. and Coin Center Board Member, at the Goldman Sachs Future of Finance Forum to discuss the evolution of Bitcoin and its long term potential.

Bloomberg Panel on Bitcoin Regulation

Jerry Brito moderates panel on Bitcoin Regulation with Jennifer Shasky Calvery, Mark Wetjen, Arthur Levitt, and Jim Newsome

New York BitLicense Comment

Submitted on behalf of Coin Center, The Center for Democracy and Technology, and TechFreedom.

The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics: cryptocurrency

This article explains what cryptocurrency is and begins to answer the new questions that it raises.

Regulators Need to Take It Easy on Bitcoin Startups

Where the web made it cheaper to successfully start up a company, licensing makes it very expensive to start up.  This article originally appeared on

The recent implosion of bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox — and the loss of almost a half-billion dollars of user funds — is prompting some to call for regulating this and other cryptocurrencies....

Bitcoin: More than Money

The digital protocol promises to change more than just the future of currency, despite government attempts to rein it in. This article originally appeared on 

On August 6, Judge Magistrate Amos Maazant of U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas made many a headline when he became the first known United States government...

US regulations are hampering Bitcoin’s growth

Many countries are putting out the welcome mat for Bitcoin. If the US doesn't change its approach, Bitcoin will go elsewhere.  This article originally appeared on

If the United States does not foster a reasonable regulatory environment for Bitcoin, the country might soon lose its head start in what could be the next great technological revolution....

Why Regulators Should Embrace Bitcoin

Policymakers and law enforcement should work with the Bitcoin community to realize the potential benefits of censorship-resistant money–and to develop tools and techniques to address the technology s potential misuse.  This article originally appeared in American Banker

Governments are increasing their scrutiny of the decentralized digital currency and payments system Bitcoin. The Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee recently initiated an inquiry into Bitcoin and other...